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    1. The basic structure of the Self Assessment Toolkits

    2. Deep dive into the checklists

    3. Deep dive into the questionnaires

    4. Deep dive Graphs

    5. CASE STUDY - Using the questionnaires in corporate enterprise

    6. CASE STUDY - Digital Transformation

    1. Successful Self Assessment Workshop Best Practice

    2. Using the Project Management Documents

    1. More resources for you

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The Self Assessment Toolkits have been designed to give you a ‘do it yourself’ option for a quick assessment or a thorough in depth cross examination of your team and their adherence to the processes. Using the Self Assessment Toolkits offers you the probing and thought provoking questions you never even thought to ask, while it protects your company’s intellectual property by giving you actual results that build up the internal knowledge base and provide you with a baseline and clear recommendations for improvement.


That is where this course comes in – it is designed to give you and your team the skills you need to be able to get the most from the self assessment toolkit and the implementation recommendations, so you have the peace of mind knowing that you’re on top of the threats and vulnerabilities in your business due to lack of process implementation or lack of understanding the requirements.


The course offers a deep dive into the why and how of the Self Assessment Toolkits, offering you a thorough understanding of the value the assessments bring to your business and most importantly gives you the tools to achieve maximum ROI from your investment.

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