Customer Service professionals need to know a whole lot more about the various ways of delivering services to the customers. It is no longer sufficient just to know the basics.

Practical, concise help for dealing with customers: The Customer Service & Sales course paves the way for the Best Customer Experience by Redefining and Improving Customer Experience: An Innovative Strategy by the Industry Leader in Effective Customer Service Training.

Course Description

We deal with excellent and not-so-good customer service every day. Customer Service is always on the agenda. However, these two words involve so much more than simply serving customers. It is solving problems, reassuring the uncertain, calming the infuriated, finding the lost and fixing the broken. The customer service professional is required to be a jack-of-all trades to satisfy the expectations of the customer and promises of the company.

Organizations know that their customer service staff are the frontline of their business. Sales positions are no longer filled with the unmotivated, the unfriendly, the unhelpful and the untrained personnel from yesteryear. They are the point of make-or-break sales and there is now a greater emphasis and importance on maintaining and improving high quality customer service and staff.

Research has shown that highly successful service organizations have lower marketing costs, fewer upset customers and more repeat business – customers are “voting with their feet” which is key when customer loyalty has become obsolete. An added bonus to good service is morale, job satisfaction is higher, and employee absenteeism and turnover are lower.

Course curriculum

    1. Customer Service Workbook

    2. 1 Welcome to Customer Service Sales

    3. 2 Selling Is Easy?

    4. 4 Features & Benefits

    5. 5 Summary 10 Golden Rules

    6. 6 Summary 10 Golden Rules Pt 2

    7. 3 Stages of A Sale

    1. 1 Preparing your Presentation

    2. 2 Building Your Presentation

    3. 3 Issues When Presenting

    4. 4 Delivering your Presentation

    5. 5 Tips to Remember

    1. 1 Whats It All About?

    2. 2 Developments & Trends

    3. 3 Issues facing the Industry

    4. 4 Working within the Industry

    5. 5 Career Progression

    1. 1 CRM What is It?

    2. 2 CRM Types

    3. 3 Strategy

    4. Handout - Dealing with Difficult Customer

    1. Exercise 1

    2. Exercise 2

    3. Exercise 3

    4. Exercise 4

    5. Exercise 5

    6. Exercise 6

    7. Answers for Question 1

    8. Answers - Exercise 2

    9. Answers - Exercise 3

    10. Answers - Exercise 4

    1. Final Exam

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he concepts covered in each of the categories are as follows:

  • Introduction Customer Service & Sales
  • Selling is Easy?
  • Features & Benefits
  • 10 Golden Rules
  • Exam Preparation