Customer Service professionals need to know a whole lot more about the various ways of delivering services to the customers. It is no longer sufficient just to know the basics.

Practical, concise help for dealing with customers: The Communication Strategies, Conflict and Decision Making course and its accompanying workbook paves the way for the Best Customer Experience by Redefining and Improving Customer Experience: An Innovative Strategy by the Industry Leader in Effective Customer Service Training.

Course Description

Once, a customer could only request service either in person or over the phone, and a customer service professional could deliver exemplary service using knowledge that, in today’s fast-paced digital world, would be considered basic at best. 

That, unfortunately, will no longer suffice. 

As the internet has continued to expand into every crevice of our lives, other means of communication – such as email and SMS – have risen in popularity. With the growing desire for instant service and solutions, companies are increasingly integrating contact centers into their customer relationship management (CRM) strategies, and employees working in customer service are expected to be confident in their ability to make firm decisions, resolve conflict, and communicate clearly in all contexts.


Whether by email, SMS, webchat, or social media, there is an increasing expectation for information and services to be readily available and easy to access across a range of platforms. It is with this in mind that we have created the Customer Service Certification Program, a series of courses that aims to support students like you in your efforts to gain relevant qualifications that can be practically applied in the ever-changing world of customer services. 


The program covers a variety of strategies that will help you develop your decision-making and leadership skills, identify and resolve conflict, and overall improve your ability to communicate with customers and team members alike. We have also included a unit on CRM types as it is fast becoming a fundamental aspect of the customer service industry and should be well understood by any customer service professional.


It is safe to say that the days of unfriendly, unmotivated, untrained personnel are gone. As organizations continue to realize that their customer service staff are the face of their business, they are placing a new emphasis on developing and maintaining a high standard of service. Good customer service is much more than simply serving your customers, and nobody is born a customer service professional. Rather, it is a complex, multi-faceted skill that takes time and effort to acquire. You must learn to be a jack-of-all-trades, to solve problems and communicate clearly and cheerfully even when faced with complex issues and uncooperative customers. 

What will you get?

  • Customer Service Intermediate Workbook

    PDF eBook to download for additional content and reference material.

  • 90 days access to Online Course

    Multimedia presentations, quizzes and exercises to gain knowledge about Customer Service. (You can purchase course extensions when you need more time)

  • Bonus: Certification exam

    Included in the course is the exam preparation, to make sure you pass your certification exam - which is also included in your course at no extra cost. (* Additional exam sittings can be purchased at $45.00 each)

The learning experience

The program combines presentations supported by trainer audio. Each module is followed by quizzes and exercises (marking scheme provided) to test your knowledge and competency, and to enhance understanding of the key concepts. A certificate is awarded to your successful passing of the final exam (80% pass requirement) and completion of the course.

Course curriculum

    1. Customer Service Workbook

    2. 1 Introduction to Commnication Strategies

    3. 2 Making a Start

    4. 3 Goals

    5. 4 Making It Work

    6. 5 Communicating

    7. Communication Strategies Exercise 1

    8. Communication Strategies Exercise 2

    1. 1 Assertiveness - What is it?

    2. 2 Decision Making Skills

    3. 3 Ethical Decisions

    4. 4 Group Decision Making

    5. 5 Leadership

    6. Decision Making & Assertiveness Quiz

    1. 1 What is Conflict?

    2. 2 Types of Conflict

    3. 3 Resolving Conflict

    4. 4 Communication

    5. 5 Impact of Conflict

    6. Conflict Resolution Exercise 1

    7. Conflict Resolution Exercise 2

    8. Conflict Resolution Exercise 3

    1. 1 CRM What is It?

    2. 2 CRM Types

    3. 3 Strategy

    1. Communication Strategies Answer Guide

    2. Conflict Resolution Answer Guide

    3. Dealing with difficult customers

    1. Customer Service Intermediate Exam

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What you will learn

  • Communication Strategies
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  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Quizzes and exercises
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