Help Desk Manager Complete Certification Course

This study guide and its accompanying online learning program focus on the high-level practices that are important when managing Help Desk support services, including managing staff and teams, as well as the creation and execution of efficient IT Service Management processes.

This certification kit contains both the study guide and access to our online program that together provides everything you need to prepare for the Help Desk Manager certification exam.

What is included in this program?

  1. Comprehensive study guide / textbook
  2. 90 days access to online learning environment
  3. Certificate for successful candidates

The course aims to provide you with answers to questions like:

  • What are the most common mistakes made by Help Desk/Service Desk Managers?
  • What’s the trick to running a great call center or help desk?
  • How do you create value from a Help Desk standpoint
  • What help desk and support system would you recommend for an IT service department?
  • How do you measure and report staff and team performance?
  • What should you look for in a Help Desk/Trouble Ticketing System?

Course curriculum

The recommended minimum contact hours to pass the certification test is 18 hours

    1. Help Desk Manager Workbook Second Edition

    2. Help Desk Manager Introduction

    1. Lecture 2 Introduction, Smart Hiring and Hiring Seems Easy

    2. Lecture 3 To Do List, Expectations, Technical Skills and Attributes

    3. Lecture 4 Have Others Check your List, Legally Complaint, Chart Review and Essentials

    4. Lecture 5 Create Job Description and Get the Word Out

    5. Hiring Smart Part 1 Exercise

    6. Lecture 6 Narrow your Application Pool, Prepare for the Interview and Resources

    7. Lecture 7 Know Who you are Talking To, Asking the Right Questions, About Discrimination

    8. Lecture 8 Open-ended, Relevant to the Position and the Individual & The Interview

    9. Lecture 9 Evaluation, In Review, Background Check, Extend the Offer & Steps in Hiring

    10. Hiring Smart Part 2 Exercise

    1. Lecture 10 Introduction and Definition of Topgrading

    2. Lecture 11 Definition of A-players, Best of the Rest and Appropriate Compensation

    3. Lecture 13 The Big Question, Implementation, Best Practices, Talent Review and Scorecards

    4. Lecture 14 Interview Process and Types of Interview

    5. TopGrading Exercise

    1. Lecture 16 Working in a Team, Types of Team and Teamwork Success

    2. Lecture 17 Employee Involvement, Team Conflict and Team Leaders Role in Managing Conflict

    3. Lecture 18 Leadership, Learning to be a Leader, LEAD Model & What Sort of a Leader are You

    4. Lecture 19 Lead by Example and Management Process

    5. Team Building Exercise

    6. Lecture 20 How to Motivate, Coaching Staff and Coaching Skills

    7. Lecture 21 Working Together, Why is Training Needed and Contributing to the Team

    8. Lecture 22 Learning Organizations, Development Cycle and Performance Appraisals

    9. Lecture 23 Cross Training and Poor Management

    10. Motivating your Workplace Exercise

    1. Lecture 25 Introduction, All About Money, and Reward and Recognition

    2. Lecture 26 The Cost, Factors, Challenging Goals and Clear Instruction

    3. Lecture 27 Meaningful Tasks, Feedback, Rewards and Incentives

    4. Lecture 28 No Single Rewards, Who Benefits and The Bottom Line

    5. Lecture 29 Performance Reviews and Avoidance

    6. Lecture 30 Tips for a Better Performance Review and Signs of Success

    7. Performance Review Exercise

    8. Lecture 31 Retention of Quality, What can We Do, Research and Best Workplaces

    9. Lecture 32 Motivational Strategies, Rates, Most Important Attributes & Collecting Feedback

    10. Lecture 33 Ask, Cluster Surveys, Started Feedback, Stay and Exit Interview Survey

    11. Staff Retention Exercise

    1. Lecture 35 Introduction, Definition and Good Practice for ITSM

    2. Lecture 36 Business, IT Alignment, Definition of Services and Process & the Generic Process

    3. Lecture 37 Function and Process Owner vs Service Owner

    4. Lecture 38 Service Lifecycle

    5. Lecture 39 IT Financial Management

    6. Lecture 40 Demand Management

    7. Lecture 41 Request Fulfillment

    8. Lecture 42 Access Management

About this course

  • $69.95
  • 52 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Certification Exam Included

The Help Desk Manager Complete Certification is the full package: eLearning program + exam preparation + Certification exam

Exam Format The Help Desk Manager exam is timed and consists of multiple-choice style questions. It is also included as part of the e-learning package.
Once students successfully complete the exam they will be issued with a certificate of completion.

Program Objective and High Level Topics

To assist an individual seeking employment as a Help Desk Manager, this course aims to provide an overview of the typical knowledge and skills required, without focusing on any one technology vendor or platform.

This certification course contains both the study guide and access to our online program that together provides everything you need to prepare for the Help Desk Manager certification exam.

- Responsibilities Of A Help Desk Manager

Staff Management
- Example Job Advertisements For Help Desk Managers
- Hiring The Right Staff
- Factors In The Hiring Process
- Cost Analysis
- Job Analysis And Position Profiles
- Job Analysis Worksheet
- Topgrading
- Team Building
- Team Leader's Role In Managing Conflict
- Motivating Your Workforce
- Setting Goals
- Reward Systems
- Questions And Answers: Overcoming Evaluation Difficulties
- Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
- The Performance Management Process
- Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
- Staff Retention

IT Service Management
- Good Practices
- Service Operation Principles
- Service Operation Functions
- The Help Desk (Service Desk)
- Service Operation Processes
- Incident Management
- Request Fulfillment

- Selecting / Configuring Help Desk Tools
- Integration Of Knowledge Management Practices
- Review Questions

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