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The Metadata Repositories Complete Certification Kit is the most complete guide for anyone looking to gain an understanding of Metadata Repositories and its practical application in an IT and Non-IT environment.

This certification kit would be beneficial to businesses wanting to learn about the importance of metadata and its storage options and benefits, including managers looking for an effective metadata management process, and even IT managers looking to implement and build a metadata repository system.

Course Description

The Art of Service's introductory Metadata Repositories training and certification helps IT practitioners develop the skills that are crucial, as businesses embark on this massive transformation. It provides an industry credential for IT professionals to help them transform into the world of Metadata Repositories.
This training and certification enables you to move both the industry and business forward, and to quickly take advantage of the benefits that Metadata Repository applications present.

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CS logoMetadata Management has been made easy through the implementation of Metadata Repositories. Metadata Repositories allow businesses to ensure data consistency is maintained and managed. Become a valued member of your organization by learning the tools, methods, strategies, and processes of the Metadata Repository implementation.

A metadata repository can be described as a database designed to gather, store, and distribute select metadata. A metadata repository describes the characteristics of information objects as an aid in the identification, discovery, assessment and management. A metadata repository is a way to ensure consistency of an organization's metadata. Metadata management is vital for business growth and success. This on-trend certification kit would be beneficial to businesses wanting to learn about the importance of metadata and its storage options and benefits, including managers looking for an effective metadata management process, and even IT managers looking to implement and build a metadata repository system.

This certification validates your knowledge of specific methods, models, and/or tools. This is essential to professionals in order to be updated on the latest metadata management trends, and to add to their Metadata Repositories toolbox.

What will you get?

  • Metadata Repository Workbook

    PDF eBook to download for additional content and reference material.

  • 90 days access to Online Course

    Multimedia presentations, quizzes and exercises to gain knowledge about Metadata Repositories. (You can purchase course extensions when you need more time)

  • Bonus: Certification exam

    Included in the course is the exam preparation, to make sure you pass your certification exam - which is also included in your course at no extra cost. (* Additional exam sittings can be purchased at $45.00 each)

The learning experience

The program combines presentations supported by trainer audio. Each module is followed by quizzes and exercises (marking scheme provided) to test your knowledge and competency, and to enhance understanding of the key concepts. A certificate is awarded to your successful passing of the final exam (80% pass requirement) and completion of the course.

Course curriculum

The recommended minimum contact hours to pass the certification test is 18 hours.

    1. 1.1 Overview of MetaData Objectives

    2. 1.2 Introduction to MetaData

    3. 1.3 MetaData Defined

    4. 1.4 Advantages of MetaData

    5. 1.5 MetaData Categories

    6. 1.6 Examples of MetaData

    7. Reading Assignments

    1. 2.2 Types of MetaData

    2. 2.3 Descriptive MetaData

    3. 2.4 Administrative MetaData

    4. 2.5 Technical MetaData

    5. 2.6 Structural MetaData

    6. 2.7 Preservation MetaData

    7. 2.8 Rights MetaData

    8. 2.9 Master Data vs MetaData

    9. 2.10 Data Dictionary

    10. 2.11 Data Administration

    11. Random Quiz 1

    1. 3.2 MetaData Information

    2. 3.3 MetaData Citing

    3. 3.4 MetaData Storage

    4. 3.5 Advantages and Disadvantages

    5. 3.6 What Does MetaData Do?

    6. 3.7 Organizing Electronic Resources

    7. 3.8 Interoperability

    8. 3.9 Digital Identification

    9. 3.10 Archiving Preservation

    1. 4.2 Metadata Management

    2. 4.3 Why Manage All These MetaData

    3. 4.4 How to Manage All These MetaData

    4. 4.5 Principles of Metadata Management

    5. 4.6 Key Trends

    6. Random Quiz 2

    1. 5.2 Repositories vs Registries

    2. 5.3 Uses of Metadata Repository

    3. 5.4 Repository Components

    4. 5.5 Creating an Enterprise

    1. 6.2 knowledge Management

    2. 6.3 MetaData Revision

    3. 6.4 Knowledge Stewardship Metadata

    4. 6.5 Knowledge Business Metadata

    5. 6.6 Knowledge Artifact Metadata

    6. 6.7 Knowledge Impact

    7. 6.8 Importance of Knowledge

    8. Random Quiz 3

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What will you learn?

- Learn the important concepts, tools, processes, and uses of Metadata Repositories.

- Learn about the benefits of implementing a Metadata Repository system to data management processes.

- Examine Metadata storage options.

- Learn and review the building blocks of a Metadata Repository.

- Explore the different types of Metadata and its relationship to Knowledge Management.

- Make connections between Metadata Repositories and Registries.