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Microsoft Office 365 Complete Certification Kit | taught by The Art of Service Team
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Course description

The Microsoft Office 365 Complete Certification Kit is the most complete guide for anyone looking to gain an understanding of Microsoft Office 365 and its practical application in an IT and Non-IT environment.

Get certified & boost your career with this complete Microsoft Office 365 eLearning course and PDF textbook for additional study

The Microsoft Office 365 Certification Kit contains a study guide eBook and online course, and is delivered to you via our eLearning portal, giving you the freedom to access it anytime, whether at home or in the office.

The Microsoft Office 365 Complete Certification Kit is a part of the Core Series for IT, a series of 300 certifications available to help career-driven IT professionals stay relevant in their roles in the I.T. industry. Each course in the core series includes a certification upon succesful completion.

The online learning program is available for a 90-day access period.

CS logoUncover the latest software package provided as a service by Microsoft. Get a head start and explore the subscription-based software concepts surrounding Microsoft Office 365 tools and techniques. Become a valued member of your organization by learning the benefits and advantages of implementing Microsoft Office 365, and the ways in which it allows any business to collaborate and share information.

This certification validates that you know specific methods, models, and/or tools. This is essential to professionals in order to be updated on the latest software trends, and to add to their Microsoft Office 365 toolbox.

The industry is facing a bold, new world with the amazing developments of Microsoft Office 365, and the challenges and the opportunities this presents are unprecedented. The Microsoft Office 365 Complete Certification Kit serves as a complete introductory guide for anyone looking to grasp a better understanding of Microsoft Office 365 concepts and their practical application in any environment.

The Art of Service's introductory Microsoft Office 365 training and certification helps IT practitioners develop the skills that are crucial, as businesses embark on this massive transformation. It provides an industry credential for IT professionals to help them transform into the world of Microsoft Office 365.

This training and certification enables you to move both the industry and business forward, and to quickly take advantage of the benefits that Microsoft Office 365 applications present.

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The Art of Service IT Service Management programs are the #1 certification programs in the information management industry. Being proven means investing in yourself and formally validating your knowledge, skills, and expertise by the industry's most comprehensive learning and certification program. The Microsoft Office 365 Complete Certification Kit course prepares you for Microsoft Office 365 Certification.

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What will you learn?

  • Learn the important concepts, tools, and uses of Microsoft Office 365.
  • Learn about the benefits of implementing Microsoft Office 365 tools and techniques in your work place.
  • Examine Microsoft Desktop Applications.
  • Learn about specific platforms that utilize Microsoft Office 365.
  • Explore the tricks of the trade when it comes to Microsoft Office 365 technology.

Course Outline

The topics covered in this course are:

  • Introduction to Microsoft office 365
  • Desktop Applications
  • Useful Microsoft Tools
  • Microsoft Office
  • Platforms that use Microsoft Office

Contact Hours:

The recommended minimum contact hours to pass the certification test is 18 hours.


The program combines presentations supported by trainer audio. Each module is followed by quizzes and exercises (marking scheme provided) to test your knowledge and competency, and to enhance understanding of the key concepts. A certificate is awarded to your successful passing of the final exam (80% pass requirement) and completion of the course. This is an eLearning Program. Your access details to the eLearning course are in the book.

Program Materials:

  • Multimedia presentations
  • Downloadable resources (PDF documents)
  • End of module review questions to assess your content knowledge

The Art of Service Team
The Art of Service Team
eLearning Support

The Art of Service has a team dedicated to your learning success! Our eLearning support team is available 7 days per week for ongoing support and to answer your course related questions.

Course Curriculum

1. An Introduction to Microsoft Office 365
1 Objectives to Microsoft Office 365
2 An Introduction to Microsoft Office 365
3 Version History
4 MAC Versions
5 Components
6 Common Features
7 File Formats and Metadata
8 Extensibility
9 Supported Operating Systems
10 Support Lifecycle
Reading Assignment
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2. Desktop Applications (Part 1)
2 Introduction to Desktop Applications
3 Microsoft Office Excel
4 Basic Operation and VBA Programming
5 Charts and Using Other MS Applications
6 Using External Data and Quirks
7 Numeric Precision and Different Versions
8 Microsoft Office PowerPoint
9 Operation and Cultural Impact
10 Viewers and Versions
11 Microsoft Office Word
12 Versions
Random Quiz 1
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3. Desktop Applications (Part 2)
2 Microsoft Office Outlook
3 Versions and Internet Standards Compliance
4 Outlook Add-ins and Outlook Express
5 Importing from other email clients and Outlook Hotmail Connector
6 Microsoft Office Publisher
7 Versions
8 Microsoft Office Access
9 Users
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4 Desktop Applications (Part 3)
2 Microsoft Office Entourage
3 Overview and Features MS Entourage
4 Comparison to Outlook and Client for Microsoft Exchange
5 Limitations and Versions
6 Microsoft Office InfoPath
7 Development and Features
8 Integration with Sharepoint
9 Microsoft Office Interconnect
10 Microsoft Office Communicator (Lync)
11 History Features and Extensions
12 MS Communicator Mobile
Random Quiz 2
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5. Desktop Applications (Part 4)
2 Microsoft Office OneNote
3 Overview, Platform Support and Versions
4 Microsoft Office Project
5 History, Features and Enhancements
6 Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer
7 Versions
8 Microsoft Office SharePoint Workspace (Groove)
9 Workspaces, Collaboration Tools and Versions
10 Microsoft Office Visio
11 History and Versions
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6. Other Applications (Part 1)
2 MS Clip Organizer
3 MS Equation Editor
4 Microsoft Office Picture Manager
5 Server Applications
6 Microsoft Office Live Meeting
7 Microsoft Office Live
8 Microsoft Office Live Workspace
9 Microsoft Office Live Small Business
10 Microsoft Office Online (Microsoft Office Website)
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7. Other Applications (Part 2)
2 Visual Basic Applications
3 Visual Studio Tools
4 Smart Tags
5 Microsoft Office XML Formats
6 Discountinued Programs
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8. Microsoft Office Version
2 Early Releases
3 Microsoft Office 95
4 Microsoft Office 97
5 Microsoft Office 2000
6 Microsoft Office XP
Random Quiz 3
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9. Platforms that Use Microsoft Office
3 Feng Office Community Edition
4 Google Docs
6 Office 2.0 Conference
7 Office 123
8 ShareOffice
9 ShowDocument
10 Zoho Office Suite
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Additional Resources
Microsoft Office 365 Course Syllabus
MS365 Certification Kit Book
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Exam Preparation
Sample Exam
Course Evaluation Form
Final Exam
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