Student Comments

Feedback from our program students

  • As a consultant I'm always looking for ways to improve my life, how can I work smarter - not harder. This program has given me the tools to do that.

  • I’ve always wanted to write a book to give to my prospects and clients and I had no idea where to start, until now.

  • The combination of learning how to run a profitable business with the in depth insight into the Self Assessment Toolkits are spot on.

  • The deep dives in this program are eye opening.

  • Honestly? It's the certification exam at the end - this shows my clients I'm serious about being a consultant that adds value to their business.

About the Certification Program

Full Program Details

The Certified Consultant Program is an intensive online workshop designed for high-performing individuals who want to level up and lead. 

It is designed for consultants who want to leverage the toolkits to build a better business. 

The program combines online learning with assignments and live Q&A sessions for an interactive and immersive learning experience. 

During this program you will learn proven systems and strategies for creating a more profitable business so you can spend more time serving your customers (and less time chasing your tail).

The course content teaches you to tools you need to run a focused profitable business; it touches on finances, strategy, purpose/vision, ideal customer, and has deep dives into the Self Assessment toolkits and how to get the most out of them for your clients.

As an added bonus this program teaches you how to write your own book for instant credibility. (and how to publish it)

What is included?

The program bundle is more than a course, in completing your certification with us, you are becoming a part of a community of leading certified consultants and as such, we will actively pass on your information to clients who request implementation support for their In house Assessments and improvement projects.

Year 1: Complete the certification training and the associated exam to become eligible as a certified Consultant. Once you've successfully completed your exam, your details will be added to the official register of certified consultants.

And you will receive your certified consultant logo to add to your professional signatures and resume.

Year 2 onwards: Retain access to the course materials and receive automatic access to updates and improvements.
Your details will be remain listed and available in the Certified Consultant Database.
You will also have access to the monthly live Q&A sessions for as long as you remain enrolled in the program.


When you sign up for this program, the first step in the course is to check your prerequisites.

You will be asked to send through your professional resume so we can check if this course is right for you.

The ideal student for this course:

  • Has 2+ years of work experience, preferably in a consulting role, or is the owner / founder of a consulting business
  • Shows willingness to learn and grow
  • Wants to learn the business of consulting and how the Self Assessment Toolkits work and deliver results.

Learning Outcomes

What do you achieve by completing this program?

1. At the end of this program you will have practical tools to build and grow your consultancy career and business.

2. You will have a strong understanding of the Self Assessment Toolkits and how to leverage them in your consulting business.

3. You have published a book that you can use as part of your marketing toolset and you have access to a number of resources you can apply in your sales funnel.

4. You have a practical execution plan for the next 5 years on how to leverage the toolkits in attracting your ideal clients.


At the end of this program you'll need to complete a certification exam to become a "The Art of Service Certified Consultant".

Art of Service Certified Consultants are our first choice when we recommend implementation support to our clients. 

Your name, location and expertise is listed in our Certified Consultant locator page on the website.

2020 Student Reviews

Why did they sign up for the program?

“I want the official certification such that customers know that I have been vetted and approved by TAOS for conducting self-assessment programs and studies on behalf of clients. ”


“To be able to use the Toolkits to the best advantage to shortcut laborious (project management) administration and bureaucracy. ”


“As a consultant I'm always trying to identify some quick wins for my clients. This program will help me to build trust and confidence in my ability to deliver the highly successful outcomes sought by my clients. ”


Are you ready to build a profitable consulting business?

Become a Certified Consultant
(and publish your book as a bonus)


Topics included in this program

  • Part 1

    The business of Consulting

    Building a better consulting business with a strong strategy and success plan to implement.
    Introduction on how to leverage the Self Assessment Toolkits.

  • Part 2

    Advanced Toolkit Concepts

    In part 2 of the course we take a deep dive into the more advanced toolkit concepts and how you can use them in your consulting business.
    You'll learn to enhance your sales funnel with the toolkits, and how to benefit from the project implementation templates.

  • Bonus material

    Publish your book

    With 15+ years of book publishing experience, we're sharing our best practices and tips on successful book publishing. We're sharing the dos and don'ts of writing, publishing, and marketing a book to enhance your consulting business.

What can you expect?

  • Video lessons

    Video based lessons to complement the learning content and exercises in each lesson.

  • Assignments

    To ensure you retain the course content, each module is capped by an assignment that you need to complete successfully before moving on to the next module.

  • Resources & Bonus Materials

    In addition to the learning materials, this program bundle is filled with value add resources and bonus materials. Templates you can use in your business, a peer-to-peer discussion platform to confirm your understanding and many more.

  • Publish your book

    One of the outcomes of this program is that you'll walk away with a published book that you can share with your clients, or sell in online bookstores globally.

Registration Fee

Complete bundle, including certification exam.

Still not sure?

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Date: October 7th, 4.30PM EST/EDT


Ivanka Menken

CEO - The Art of Service

After gaining experience as a teacher, Ivanka built her career as a IT and management consultant as well as building a consultancy business. Her career spans multiple continents and she has successfully grown her business from a startup in a new country to the company it is now that adds value and serves clients in 100+ countries.

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