Help Desk Technician eLearning Program

To assist an individual looking to boost their career within the IT support service industry, this course will provide the required knowledge, skills and certification to become a Help Desk Technician. 

The focus of the course is on the high-level practices that are important when providing Help Desk support services, including customer service, IT Service Management and the technical activities that will be performed. 

The Help Desk Technician course provides an extension of the skills required by a senior Help Desk technician, who may be responsible for second-line support as well as for performing specialist maintenance activities.

Already have some technical knowledge that is or will be utilized in a Help Desk role? Then get this book and its accompanying online course and get certified. 

What is included in this program?

  1. Comprehensive study guide / textbook
  2. 90 days access to online learning environment
  3. Certificate for successful candidates

Boost your career with this book and the accompanying instant-on certification program and community for sharing Help Desk Technician answers, ideas and solutions.

A typical Help Desk Technician provides an extension of the skills required by a senior Help Desk technician, who may be responsible for second-line support as well as for performing specialist maintenance activities.

Course curriculum

The recommended minimum contact hours to pass the certification test is 18 hours

  • 1

    Help Desk Technician - Introduction

    • Help Desk Technician Complete Certification Kit Textbook

    • 1 Introduction to the Program

  • 2

    2 - Customer Service Principles (Part 1) - Customer Service and Conflict Resolution

    • 2 Definition of Customer Service and Service Componenets of Customer Service

    • 3 Face-toFace Contact, First Impressions and The Help Desk is the Company

    • 4 Conflict Defined, Functional and Dysfunctional Conflict

    • 5 Levels of Conflict, Perceptions and Assumptions & Conflict Resolution Styles

    • 6 Intra & Inter Organization, Group and Personal Conflict

    • 7 Handling Conflict, Building Relationships and Alternate Resolution

    • 8 Conflict with Employers and Organizations & Desired Outcomes of Conflict

  • 3

    3 - Customer Service Principles (Part 2) - Decision Making and Assertiveness

    • 10 Introduction and What is Assertive Behavior

    • 11 Assertive Rights of an Individual

    • 12 Myths of Non-Assertive Behavior

    • 13 Steps to Improve Professional Assertiveness

    • 14 Assertion Strategies, Body Language and Assertive Bahavior

    • 15 Decision Making Skills and Management Decision Making

    • 16 Bad Decisions in Customer Service

    • 17 Group Decision Making and Brainstorming Technique

    • 18 Group Decision Types and Group Consensus Guidelines

  • 4

    4 - Customer Service Principles (Part 3) - Effective Supervision and Writing Reports

    • 20 Introduction and Providing Effective Supervision

    • 21 Tips for Learning the Ropes and Effective Supervising

    • 22 Setting Goals

    • 23 Introduction and Becoming a Good Writer

    • 24 Rules of Writing

    • 25 The 4 C's and Proofreading Tips

    • Quiz 1

  • 5

    5 - IT Service Management Principles (Part 1)

    • 27 Introduction, Definition and Value of ITSM

    • 28 Good Practice, Business and IT Alignment

    • 29 What are Services and Process

    • 30 Generic Process, Functions and the RACI Model

    • 31 Introduction, Definition and Terminology of Capacity Management

    • 32 Capacity Plan and Consequences of Reactive Bahavior

    • 33 Definition and Terminology of Change Management

    • 34 Activities, The 7 R's of Change Management and Remediation Planning

  • 6

    6 - IT Service Management Principles (Part 2) - Service Operation and Event Mgt

    • 36 Introduction and the Need for Service Operation

    • 37 Communication Within Service Operation and Service Operation Phase

    • 38 Definition, Terminology, Types and Activities of Event Management

    • 39 Problem Management and Terminology

    • 40 Incidents-Problems-Known Error & Reactive and Proactive Activities

    • Quiz 2

  • 7

    7 - Advanced Technical Knowledge and Skills for Help Desk Staff-Help Desk Technician

    • 42 Introduction, Desktop Environments, SOE and Managing SOE

    • 43 TCPIP Networks, Network Addressing, Managing Networks and Network Devices

    • 44 Critical Networks, Server Environments, Monitoring Events and Software Updates

    • 45 Remotely Managing Servers, Monitoring Performance and Remote Access

  • 8

    Exam Preparation

    • Exam Prep 1

    • Exam Prep 2

    • Sample Exam

    • HD Technician Final Exam

Certification Exam Included

The Help Desk Technician Complete Certification is the full package: eLearning program + exam preparation + Certification exam

Exam Format
The Help Desk Technician exam is timed and consists of ten multiple-choice style questions. It is also included as part of the e-learning package.
Once students successfully complete the exam they will be issued with a certificate of completion.

Program Objective and high level topics

Students can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following upon successful completion of the education and examination components:

  • Four components of Customer Service
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Decision Making
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Report Writing Skills
  • IT Service Management
  • The Service Lifecycle
  • Technical Skills


This course does assume the reader already has some technical knowledge that will be utilized in a Help Desk role.

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